Fly Tying Patterns


Since 2021 member Nate Pogorzala has been tying and selling flies on Etsy under the U&E Fly Shop name. Visit his shop HERE. For over a year now he's also been putting together instructional sheets for various patterns and submitting them to us so that we can share them with you via the newsletter. Nate is also involved in our Stream Explorers Youth Program, having taught about various materials and flies. 

Looking at the archives the other day we've discovered that we've amassed a decent collection of Nate's tying instructions. So here's a list of links to the PDF docs that Nate has created for us. We'll continue to add links to sheets as we get them.

The Tom Thumb

The Reverend Lange

The Quill Gordon

The Lady Beaver Kill

Feel free to download and give these patterns a try!!!