Stream Explorers

Stream Explorers 2024

Going into year two, we’re proud to continue our Stream Explorers youth group in 2024. This hands-on event series is family friendly, free and open to the public through the Western New York Chapter of Trout Unlimited. 

Throughout the course of the year we’ll teach you the basics of fly fishing, casting, fly tying, Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics as well as Keep Fish Wet catch and release techniques. We work with local professional anglers and guides as well as conservation professionals from NYS DEC and the decades of local knowledge possessed by our members who love nothing better than helping to shape the responsible anglers and conservationists of tomorrow.

Tentative Schedule for 2024:

Saturday, February 10th: Intro to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying.

We will start the year off  with the basics, learning about fly fishing, casting, gear and fly tying. You'll be able to tie a fly, get your hands on both practice and full size fly rods and try it on for size. Low key and at your own pace.

Location: St. John Paul II Church, 2052 Lakeview Rd. in Lakeview.

Time: 9am-11am

Saturday, April 20th: Fishing and Casting Clinic at Hobuck Flats.

Meet us down on the water at 9am for some fishing and improve your technique. Learn a basic cast, roll cast, mending the line and other techniques to improve your fly game.

Location: Hobuck Flats Access Point, 6863 Versailles Plank Rd. in Derby

Time: 9am till at least 11am

Saturday, June 8th: Still Water Fishing at Sprague Brook Park.

Meet us at Sprague Brook for a fishing trip where we'll concentrate on the differences between moving water and still water. Did you know that you can catch ANYTHING on a fly rod?

Location: Sprague Brook Park, 9674 Foote Rd in Glenwood.

Time: 9am till at least 11am

August: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs at Hobuck Flats.

Learn about the vast amount of life that exists right at your feet! This was one of the most interesting outings last year. We got right into the creek and captured untold bugs and creatures. We helped log them for the DEC and learned how to determine the health of a waterway by the bugs. We're still working on an exact date.

Location: Hobuck Flats Access Point, 6863 Versailles Plank Rd. in Derby

Time: 9am till at least 11am

Saturday, October 5th: Tying it all together at Boston Town Park

Boston Town Park is a great place to try out all the new stuff we've been learning all year as it has a couple of wonderful stocked ponds, one fully accessible with a dock as well as access to 18 mile creek.

Location: Boston Town Park: 8500 Boston State Rd. in Boston

Time: 9am till at least 11am

Saturday, December 7th: Holiday Party and Awards

A final get together for the year, some snacks and refreshments, prizes, presentations and awards recognizing everything our explorers have done throughout the year. Still working on a location but we've got some ideas!

Location: TBD

Time: 3pm-6pm

As well as a few last minute, off the cuff fishing trips when the opportunities present themselves.  

Contact us at for more information.