WNYTU Board and Officer elections are coming up SOON!!!

As required by our bylaws, we will be holding elections for officers and directors at our "Annual Meeting", which is in March. We will accept nominations for officers' or directors' positions from the floor at both the February and March meetings. 

Nominations can also be made by contacting Nominations Chair Chuck Godfrey at steelheader03@hotmail.com at anytime until the March meeting. The Board is required to come up with a slate of candidates to present to the membership at the February meeting. This DOES NOT PRECLUDE other candidates from running. It is just a required suggestion for the membership to consider. 

The four officer position are:
President - which is a two year term and currently held by Joe Morgan. Joe is beginning the second year of his term. 
Vice President – a one year term currently held by Ken Kinecki
Treasurer – a one year term currently held by Tony Messina
Secretary – a one year term currently held by Dave Unetich

The three board members whose terms are ending this year are Don Kwiatkowski, Jim Budny, and Jim Jowsey. There are 9 Board members in all in groups of 3 with staggered 3 year terms. Chuck Godfrey is a Board Member at Large as the immediate past president.

Please contact Chuck if you'd like to nominate someone for any of these positions or would like to serve yourself.