Toxic Tires & Trout - Follow Up and Next Steps

If you have a moment please take a look at this presentation. 


Thank you for joining us for this important conversation.

If you missed the presentation on Toxic Tires & Trout, you can watch a recording here:

I want to especially thank Dr. Edward Kolodziej, professor at the University of Washington's school of Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Dr. Robert Popham, a Trout Unlimited volunteer from Connecticut, for raising this issue and joining us to present on the research findings and begin to discuss the next steps.

As TU develops our strategy for approaching this important topic, you can be sure it will include work on a number of fronts including:
More research and water testing in targeted watersheds nationwide to demonstrate existence and impact
Advocacy work to have 6PPD removed from tires as quickly as possible (without replacing it with a similar compound)
A focus on stormwater management and non-point source pollution to reduce the volume of 6PPD and other pollutants entering our water and contributing to Urban Runoff Mortality Syndrome
Bring pressure on regulatory systems to reduce the amount of unknown and un-tested chemical compounds from being released into the environment

Please stay connected to this effort in the following ways:
Connect with your local TU chapter or state council to raise local awareness and activate more advocates and citizen scientists
Ask to have yourself added in the "Advocacy Coordinator" role on the official chapter/council leader roster so we can easily communicate next steps with all of you
Reach out to other groups in your watersheds to share the information, learn of their efforts and join forces in raising our voices to have 6PPD removed

Thanks again for all you do for native and wild fish across the country.


Jeff Yates
Director of Volunteer Operations
(203) 216-7078