DEC Biologist Receives Award

(From the March 10th issue of the DECs Fishing Line Newsletter)

The 2022 Sport Fish Restoration Outstanding Project award was presented on behalf of the American Fisheries Society to Jim Markham (Biologist for Lake Erie Fisheries Unit), along with the Lake Erie Unit and Salmon River Hatchery staff for their work on “Evaluation of Steelhead Stocking Size and Location on Emigration and Adult Returns in Chautauqua Creek, NY” at the Niagara Fishing Expo last month. Jim’s work was selected from fishery management studies across the country. This research influenced a significant change in New York’s Lake Erie steelhead stocking strategy with the goal of improving survival of stocked fish and increasing the number of adult steelhead returning to tributaries.

The science behind this award is emblematic of the work the Bureau of Fisheries conducts to improve our fisheries management across the state. Hats off to Jim and the entire project crew for this outstanding accomplishment!