1st Annual Caledonia Trout Festival: Saturday, June 3rd


The Big Springs Historical Society and The Village of Caledonia are holding their 1st Annual Caledonia Trout Festival on Saturday, June 3rd in the parking lot of the Village offices at 3095 Main St, Caledonia, NY 14423

The day includes...
  • Fly fishing and tying demonstration booths at events, fishing tackle vendors, etc.  
  • The NYS DEC will be participating, including running an informational booth and a catch and release trout pond for kids.  
  • Food and beverage vendors, live entertainment during the afternoon and early evening, etc.
  • Jim Schottenham, the director of The American Museum of Fly Fishing will be representing the AMFF, and Steve Woit, the author of Fly Fishing Treasures, will also be setting up.
  • Dave Lehman from The Old Reel Collector's Association will be running a booth to provide free identification and appraisal of antique and classic fishing-related items.
 The Big Springs Museum is really a hidden gem, with lots of important fly fishing and Seth Green memorabilia, including his desk.

This looks to be an incredible event definitely worth the trip! For more information please hit The Big Springs Historical Society HERE